Hair by Sheila

ClientHair by Sheila
CategoryWebsite Design

The client’s request was straightforward: a website that reflects her expertise as a professional hair stylist, operating from the comfort of her home studio. The goal was to convey a sense of professionalism and elegance through the website’s design, ensuring that potential clients immediately recognize her skill and dedication to delivering top-tier hairstyling services.

My Solution

Crafted on the WordPress platform, the website seamlessly embodies the client’s identity as a skilled home-based hair stylist. Collaborating intimately, I employed Photoshop to curate images and graphics that epitomized her craftsmanship. Beyond design, my involvement extends to digital marketing services, ensuring her talents are showcased to a wider audience. This comprehensive approach results in a digital presence that not only captures her expertise but also attracts a growing clientele.

View the live website here